Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ron Paul Business Honor Roll

Businesses will be listed with information provide by their proprietors.
Please support all of them as much as possible!!
E-mail Paul backing business information to:
  • Pie In The Sky
    • 3883 St. Hwt 7
    • Otego, N. Y. 13825
    • Phone: 607-432-3599
    • Proprietors: Jamie and Janet Potter
  • Clark Gear Works, Inc.
    • Proprietor: Jeffery Clark
    • 1218 Saratoga Drive
    • Carol Stream, IL 60188
    • Phone: 630-561-2320 Fax: 630-293-3444
    • E-mail:
  • E-Dulgence
    • Proprietor: Tim Cherkassky
    • 5 East Concourse
    • Waterville, ME 04901
    • Phone: 1-207-314-8549
    • E-mail:

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Message from Tim Cherkassky at E-Dulgence

Greetings from E-Dulgence,
I just opened my store a few weeks ago, the main source of my income is buying used and broken gold/silver.
When I buy from my customers I often get the questions or comments pertaining to the price of gold shooting up lately.
I mention how gold seems to get more valuable when really the dollar is sinking explaining to them what happens when our government has wasteful spending the FED bails out banks, but in doing so they print more money, like a giant credit card for the nation without a spending limit and a high APR.

So anyway, after talking with them about all of my customers get a better understanding of inflation. I always make a point to point out that Ron Paul
is the only candidate that will put major restrictions, or even cut get rid of, the Federal Reserve.

So anyway, I buy gold/silver both in person and online.
I will buy your gold/silver for top dollar, because unless Ron Paul gets in office, gold is only going to go up.

Send me an Email to before mailing out your gold/silver to:

Tim Cherkassky
5 East Concourse
Waterville, ME 04901
Phone: 1-207-314-8549

My Ebay store is available at:
If you're interested in buying collectibles and designer jewelry


Message from Jamie at "Pie in the Sky"

From Pie in the Sky owner Jamie:

Hi, my name is Jamie. My wife and I operate a retail business here in Otego, N. Y. called "Pie In The Sky". We are "Voluntaryist/ libertarians" (see the writings of Carl Watner), but we are "backsliding" enough to participate in the Ron Paul "Revolution". At our retail store we have the Liberty Card as a pick-up item and we always leave 2 to 4 copies of good articles about Dr. Paul where customers who are relaxing can read them. Every week or so we refresh these articles with new ones. of course, we also have catchy Ron Paul bumper stickers on all of the business vehicles.

Thank You,

Jamie Potter